Edita Group Oyj and its subsidiary Edita Publishing Oy have initiated preparations aimed at separating Edita Publishing Oy’s learning business into a new independent company called Edita Oppiminen Oy (“Edita Learning”). The arrangement is planned to be completed on 31 December 2023. Edita’s legal information business will continue in Edita Publishing Oy, and the company’s name will be changed to Edita Lakitieto Oy (“Edita Legal information”) with the completion of the partial demerger. Edita Group will then have three subsidiaries: Edita Prima Oy, Edita Oppiminen Oy, and Edita Lakitieto Oy, which are also simultaneously the group’s business areas.

The partial demerger of Edita Publishing is a logical continuation for the change in Edita Group’s management structure at the beginning of 2023. Since the beginning of January 2023, the business directors and the marketing Director of Edita Publishing Oy have reported directly to the group CEO. The purpose of the planned demerger is to further strengthen the growth and strategy implementation of learning and legal information, and to further clarify management responsibilities. Learning and legal information serve different clients and have not exhibited cross-selling synergies. However, both businesses have favorable growth potential in their respective main markets, and the demerger strengthens their competitiveness.

The entire personnel of Edita Publishing Oy will continue in the two companies as existing employees.

Kalle Toivonen will continue as the CEO of the demerger company, Edita Lakitieto, which will continue the business operations of Edita’s legal information. In turn, Tomi-Pekka Niukkanen will be appointed CEO of Edita Learning as of 31 December 2023.

“We believe that demerging legal information and learning businesses into separate companies will further strengthen their opportunities to grow in their own markets and serve their own customers. As independent companies, they will be able to truly focus on solutions and development measures that precisely support the growth of their own business. The demerger also clarifies the companies’ different value creation profiles, and it is easier to increase their value when operating as independent companies,” says Edita Group’s Interim CEO, CFO Kristiina Kujala.

For further information, please contact:

Kristiina Kujala
Interim CEO, CFO
Edita Group Oyj
+358 40 0761 752