The partial demerger of Edita Group Plc’s subsidiary Edita Publishing Ltd was carried out as planned at the end of 2023. Edita Oppiminen Oy started its operations as a new company on January 1, 2024. Edita Publishing Ltd’s learning business was transferred to Edita Oppiminen Oy at the turn of the year. Edita’s legal information business will continue to operate under Edita Publishing Ltd, and the company’s name has been changed to Edita Lakitieto Oy. Following the change, Edita Group has three subsidiaries: Edita Prima Oy, Edita Oppiminen Oy, and Edita Lakitieto Oy, which are also the Group’s business areas.

The aim of the demerger is to further strengthen the execution of the respective strategies of the learning and legal information businesses, and promote the development of the businesses. Both of the businesses have good growth opportunities in their respective main markets, and the demerger increases their competitiveness.

The entire personnel of Edita Publishing Ltd will continue in the two companies as existing employees. Kalle Toivonen will continue as the CEO of Edita Lakitieto Oy. Tomi-Pekka Niukkanen has been appointed as the CEO of Edita Oppiminen Oy effective from December 31, 2023. Starting from January 1, 2024, the Group management team will consist of Edita Prima Ltd’s CEO Heikki Autio, Edita Lakitieto Oy’s CEO Kalle Toivonen, Edita Oppiminen Oy’s CEO Tomi-Pekka Niukkanen, Edita Oppiminen Oy’s Sales and Marketing Director Hanna-Maarit Nieminen, and Group HR Director Hanna Korhonen.  All of the members of the management team report directly to Group CEO Kristiina Kujala.

The changes have a minimal impact on customers, as the Edita Lakitieto and Edita Oppiminen business areas have already served customers before the demerger.

“The demerger to form independent companies will strengthen the businesses’ opportunities to grow in their respective markets and focus on serving their customers. I am confident that our customers will receive even better service and benefit from solutions tailored to their specific needs. The demerger also clarifies the companies’ different value creation profiles, and it will be easier to increase their value when operating as independent companies,” says Edita Group Plc’s interim CEO, CFO Kristiina Kujala.

For further information, please contact:

Kristiina Kujala
Interim CEO, CFO
Edita Group Plc
+358 40 0761 752