The management structure of Edita Group Plc will change from 1 January 2023 on with an impact on the management of Edita Publishing. The goal of the change is to support the strategy implementation and operational efficiency in both Edita Learning and Edita Legal Information business areas.

As a result of the change, the operation of Edita Publishing’s management team will be discontinued. From 1 January on Tomi-Pekka Niukkanen, Business Director of Edita Learning and Hanna-Maarit Nieminen, Marketing Director of Edita Publishing Ltd., will report directly to Edita Group’s interim CEO Kristiina Kujala. Their responsibility areas remain unchanged. Kalle Toivonen continues as Managing Director of Edita Publishing and as Business Director of Edita Legal Information. The management groups of Edita Learning and Edita Legal Information continue to operate as before the change.

From 1 January 2023 on, the new Group management team consists of interim CEO, CFO Kristiina Kujala, Edita Prima’s Managing Director Heikki Autio, HR Director Heidi Johansson, Edita Publishing’s Managing Director and Business Director of Edita Legal Kalle Toivonen, Business Director of Edita Learning Tomi-Pekka Niukkanen and Edita Publishing’s Marketing Director Hanna-Maarit Nieminen.

“Changing the management structure is a natural step in implementing the strategy of Edita Group and its business areas. We want to create the best conditions for the growth and development of all our businesses. Today, Edita Learning and Edita Legal information are already separate businesses with their own strategies. With this change we increase transparency and efficiency in our operations ”, says Edita Group’s interim CEO and CFO Kristiina Kujala.

Further information:
Kristiina Kujala, interim CEO, CFO, Edita Group Plc, + 358 40 0761 752